Privacy policies

At Agent Alliance Group LLC, we've worked throughout the company to comply with privacy provisions of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), a federal law designed to ensure the privacy of personal and health information. In addition to all federal laws, Agent Alliance Group LLC also complies with all state laws and regulations. Also provided for you are copies of the Privacy Protection Policy and the No Cost Languages Service for your examination.

The following privacy practices have been updated effective May, 2015:

Helping Agents and Prospective agents protect their Clients'
life, health and wealth.

When we started Agent Alliance Group LLC.

We had just a few simple goals.

1.  Provide Management level contracts for General Agents (New Agents).

2.  Offer contracts with the reputable companies in the industry.

3.  Offer Product Training and One-on-one training to help agents become more proficient.

Come and Let us Help you build your future!

Many agent understand how annuities work, but few understand the ends and out of the product.  We what to help you sell more annuities by offering  training and access to a financial representative. They will meet with you and your client at no charge to make sure that you have everything to help meet your clients needs


Agent Alliance Group L.L.C. is a unique company. We help Licensed Insurance Agents contract with companies that have products and services that meet their clients needs.  We also teach agents how to  educate clients on the products that can provide protection for their Life, Health and Wealth. After a meeting with one of our partnering agents, you will have a clear understanding of where you are, and if you need to make changes.