Services Provided

Here are just a few services we provide:

  1. Insurance Expertise

  2. Social Security Maximization

  3. Medicare Simplification

  4. Convalescent Care Planning

  5. Final Expense Planning

  6. Mortgage Protection

  7. Return of Premium Life Insurance

  8. Universal Life Insurance Planning

  9. Term Insurance

  10. Key Person Insurance

  11. Work-Site Insurance

  12. Annuity Planning

  13. Survivor's Income Planning

  14. Asset Protection

  15. Reduce Taxation

  16. Plan for an income for life

  17. Protection from the unknown

  18. FREE financial evaluation with a Licensed Adviser at your request.

  19. Affordable Care Act

  20. Critial Illness

 Professional Service

All of our agents go through rigorous training on each and every product we offer.  Each agent has the experience needed to assist you with any needs you may have.  

We pride ourselves on being the most educated firm in the southeast US, and we continue to work to improve ourselves both personally and professionally.  

All of our agents have been subject to background investigations to protect our clients.  All agents are licensed in their state to provide insurance planning for all clients.

Local is Accountable.

Nowadays it seems that everyone is so busy with the day in and day out of life, that we forget to take the time to plan.  Our agents come and sit down with you at your kitchen table and carry on a conversation that allows the agent to determine your needs.  Our agents are second to none and will provide the best local service as your agent.  Bad new travels through a community ten times faster than good news, so if agents wants to stay in business, they have to keep you happy!

It is our goal to provide a complete and comprehensive package of products and services that are meaningful and help protect our clients.